We Work Hard & Aim to Please

Patrick is a really solid, hard working person. He has a tremendous understanding of all technical aspects of residential redevelopment. He has repeatedly demonstrated strong customer interpersonal skills as well as a great deal of creativity and initiative when working to overcome pressing challenges, difficult customers or tough obstacles for his customer. Patrick is a solid team player and a really good guy to have in the trenches with you!
Brian Harris
I inherited a property from my late father and I did not know what to do with it as I live far away from it. To top it off, I had a couple of citations from the city about the property! I received a letter in the mail from Altamira Property Solutions and I contacted Patrick and Arlen. I am so happy that I did! They were able to quickly send me an offer letter. I got a fair price for the property and I do not have to worry about what I will do with the property. Thank you, Patrick and Arlen!
Mr. Phelps
Former Nuisance Property Owner
Patrick is, without a doubt, a very skilled and professional individual, whom always delivers on time and with no compromise on quality, in order to meet both the customer's and contractors expectations. He is an accomplished Multi-tasker capable of taking on high pressure scenarios head on. Planing and analysis is always a strong suit for him; this set of skills always allows for his contractors to tackle any unexpected challenges by quickly learning and adapt under his leadership.
Ruben Hernandez
I could not sell my property to save my life! Patrick and Arlen met with me at my house. took the time to understand my situation and made me an offer on my property. Not only did they help me by my property but they paid to move me as well.
Mr. & Mrs. Sedota
Property owner
I had never worked with an investor before and was nervous. I asked myself if they were the type that I had heard bad things about. But after meeting them and talking to them, I realized that these people were good people trying to make a living like me. They explained everything and executed just like they said they would. Was a pleasure doing business with them.
Mr. Jackson
I was in a situation were my wife had become sick and we could not afford our home and her medical bills. I reached out to our lender and they showed no compassion for our situation. I saw an add and called and spoke to Arlen. She took the time to listen and understand my issues. She allowed us to stay in our home a few months longer and even helped me look for a new place we could afford. Thank you Altamira Property Solutions for our kindness!
The Jamison Family
When our beloved Fredrick passed, we had to settle his estate which included a fully furnished Condo. We were contacted by Altamira Property Solutions about the property and in talking with them, explained we would have to sell all of Fredrick’s possessions which could take some time as we were not equipped for that kind of activity. They made us an offer on the property and contents which we accepted, as it was a tremendous relief to the family. Thank you Patrick and Arlen! The Gordine Family
The Gordine Family
Inherited Property Owner
I had lived at my property for 25 years. I had a friend who was a realtor and asked him to sell my house. He told me he would but it would not sell fast or get top dollar. He then introduced me to Patrick and Arlen. They looked at my house and made me an offer. Thanks Patrick and Arlen. Wasn't sure I could sell this house!
Mr. & Mrs. Lynch
Property Owner
I purchased a house that Patrick and Arlen renovated. My wife knew when she walked thru it that we had to buy it. The house is beautiful and tasteful. Great Schools and neighborhood! Thank you Arlen!
Karen and Mark Sedota
New Property Owner
I was just 2 weeks away from having my house foreclosed on by the bank! I took a suggesting from a friend and called Patrick and Arlen. They were able to get the bank to short sale my home to them, allowing me to get a home I can afford. Thank you Patrick and Arlen! David
I met Arlen at a party and we became friends. My husband had passed away shortly afterwards and I could not afford to make the monthly house payments. I asked Arlen what could they do and she and her husband walked me thru the process and explained everything. They really helped me out when I was in desperate need.
Karen Henderson